At Buddyacademy

we the 'Buddyites' have an intent to provide the best ever learning experience to each & every learner without any exception!

Obsessed with delivering the best education with perfection & ease!


Connecting the young minds across the globe with our

Smart Community Learning !

Our research proven best content, master pedagogy, exciting curriculum and master topic experts will transform the future of kids and enable them to create jobs instead of seeking them.

Discover Real Talent!

This mission would enable the youth across the globe to discover their real talent and we are well equipped to shape their talent and nurture them into future Master achieveres.


Here at Buddy Academy

We aim to provide a comfortable & finest learning environment for your child. We are an affordable learning platform you can rely on during your hectic schedule, that aims to make learning holistic, effective, and fun for your kids.

The time is changing & it's time to redefine

the way we perceive the education system and learning to be.

It's not about programming the little champs to become robots, rather it's important to learn to love life & to be humans first!

We are a team of great thought leaders

& leading lights from different parts of the world having diversely magnificent thoughts yet working towards 1 single goal limitlessly day & night to accomplish that United target of serving the best learning.


From vast experiences

to innovative creators, from early risers to nighthawks, from passion to discipline, from North to South & From East to West - We have it all! & yet we call ourselves constant LEARNERS! And indeed we're still learning!!

Leaders, Advisors & Team

Alok Pandey

Founder and CEO

Alok, an Engineer by profession, is the visionary founder and CEO of Buddyacademy with only one goal; Making quality learning a reality for everyone. He aims to enable each & every single kid across the globe from every nook & cranny to have access to buddyacademy's beneficial content !

A passionate leader with a knack for creativity, Alok inspires everyone around him to pursue and work on what they love. Before turning to Entrepreneurship, his career span across various industries like Ed-tech, Telecom, Consumer Durables, FMCG, Automotive, Real Estate, and Healthcare in brands like Systema, Reliance, Tata, Aircel, Usha International, etc for over 20 years.

He’s a work enthusiast, forever learner & traveler at heart and soul and aims to redefine the word “impossible” forever. He wants the kids to learn how to tackle & overcome obstacles in life.

Smriti Pandey

Head of Operations

Smriti is a passionate team leader who firmly believes that the process of learning is perpetual and unending. A journalist by profession and an educator at heart, she loves venturing into untouched and unexplored avenues. She’s well-versed in various verticals like Ed-tech, Real Estate, and Healthcare.

Shaping young lives with the help of quality education is one of her life’s missions, and with Buddyacademy, she aspires to achieve it.

A keen learner, loves to paint, design, to explore new things & to guide kids.

Ashish Dhawan

Head of Marketing

Ashish is the brilliant brains behind the marketing efforts at Buddyacademy. It has always been his ambition and goal to impact young minds and introduce them to the importance of good health & discipline.

His long career has revolved around various leading industries like Telecom, FMCG, Real Estate, and Healthcare and leading corporations like Vodafone, Reliance, Systema, Philips, to name a few.

Nishant Rai

Head of Sales

Nishant is a true sales lover with around 16 years of rich & versatile experience of various geography & market & have a great problem solving skills.

Worked in various sectors like FMCG, Telecom, Consultancy & Healthcare. His main mission is to take education in the rural belt where good education is still a dream for many. A good traveller & hard-passionate team player. He loves to achieve his targets before time.

Anurag Singh

Head of Curriculum

Anurag is our Professor Extraordinaire! An IIT-BHU alumnus, he has trained thousands of students for the coveted JEE exam for over 10 years.

He has a knack for connecting and mentoring young minds, and his passion for education and learning has made him every student's favorite teacher! He’s always diving in the content & curriculum, seeing it from the perspective of kids, teachers & parents! The team of Buddyacademy along with him is always on a quest to make Learning super easy for kids. The way he connects with the kids and explains them every bit of the concept is the learning which every learner should get. The way he takes the kids on a super interesting thriller learning journey to make toughest concepts in the easiest way is just fantastic!

Ajay Anandteertha

Head of Technology

A true leader and an inspiring manager, Ajay’s long and rewarding career has always revolved around world-class technological execution. An expert at solution architecture and product management, he’s been known to bring unique insights and technical solutions to business problems.

He is a hands-on Full stack developer well-versed with a spectrum of web and mobile technologies with a laser-sharp focus on quality, usability, security, and scalability. He has donned various caps along the way during his 18-year-old career, which featured the best in the game like Cisco, Samsung, NXP, Bloomberg, and other leading corporations.

Rohit Garhwal

Product & Strategy Advisor

An IIT & IIM Ahmedabad graduate driven by passion towards working on interesting ideas & tackling new challenges in the world of Startups & Entrepreneurship!! Rich Experience & knowledge across Strategy, Finance, Product development & so on!

Bhavik Soni

Finance Advisor, New York, United States

Bhavik is an extraordinary financial advisor & master of risk management. A rich experience in the financial services industry & a multi talented personality. He loves calculations & tabulations.

Kshitij Pandey

Startup Enthusiast

A student at MIT, Computer Science Enthusiast & a young Entrepreneur. Driving innovation and technology vision in partnership with the business.

Praised by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.Exceptional achievement in the field of Science, Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship. Received various awards & a TEDx Speaker.

Rohit Kumar

Product Head (Engineering)

A Product Manager with rich experience across product management, entrepreneurship, business strategy, conceptualizing, designing and documenting, P and L and strategic partnership.

He loves product planning and execution throughout the product life cycle of products used by millions of users in multiple countries.

Srisudha Subramanian

Curriculum Expert & Educator

A competent professional with 16+ years’ experience in Content development (E-learning and E Publishing)

A proven strategist with expertise in leadership, managing operations. Strong knowledge of Bloom’s taxonomy, Assessment writing, content enablement, Curriculum development, Content ingestion in CMS.Vendor management, pedagogy implementation, Developed HEAL Model.

Mydhili karpurapu

Content Specialist

A super hard working ,dedicated & thought maker Engineer by profession & a very helpful educator.

She loves her work. An education specialist who is always ready to take on new challenges & get better. Having great achievements in the field of Curriculum development & Education.

Nidhi Rao

Growth Hacker

Nidhi is a true ideator who loves to work on new & innovative ideas and see the ideas work! She is always wanting to explore the new transformations in the Digital Marketing Space.

She is the one who wants to hack the path to success!

Ankita Chandra

Graphics Designer

Ankita is a very hard working & multi tasking creator who is always ready to work.

A determined & thoughtful creator who always has something magical to show. An awesome & fun loving personality.

Priya Ray

Creative Designer

Priya is a super passionate & creative personality who is always keen to take on new challenges & loves to play with colors digitally!

Forever learners! Learning never ends!

There is an endless list of people associated with Buddyacademy who want to create an impact on

young minds and transform the education system as we know it.



We are based at Bengaluru, India founded in 2020 and registered with Government of India with the name of

Ricchezza Education Technology Private Limited

Our founding team has more than decades of experience in retail, telecom, Healthcare, Infrastructure and education.

We are eagerly waiting to interact with YOU and give a kick start to this thrilling journey ahead.

We really hope you're as excited about this journey as we are!

Let's Get Started! Cheers!